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Anyone who is kicking around the idea of having his bachelor's thesis written by a ghostwriter has his own personal reasons and certainly has a lot of questions as well. What is ghostwriting actually? What should be considered in the search for the perfect ghostwriter? Is ghostwriting legal? And how expensive is it for students to hire a ghostwriter? There are many questions - and we've got the answers!

There are many reasons why students choose to hire a ghostwriter. One of the most common reasons is probably the pressure of impending deadlines. This occurs especially when students are also working in addition to completing their studies. Usually, students only have about three to four months to complete a bachelor's thesis. During this time, they have to do a lot of research, work through the literature and fill between 25 to 40 pages. This is a task that requires continuous work but in some cases cannot be guaranteed due to having to work a job, for example. There are many other personal reasons that make worry students when the bachelor's thesis is coming due. The problem with this is especially that it is often impossible to postpone the deadline. In addition, the bachelor's degree should also be completed in a timely and successful manner, as one's career is beckoning or one of the coveted places for a master's degree needs to be secured.

Reputable ghostwriters help you write your bachelor's thesis

However, students who are in such or similar situations needn't despair. Luckily, there are ghostwriters who can come to their aid. If students think about engaging them, they first have to ask themselves a question. Is it ok to hire a ghostwriter, or is it even illegal? This question is often asked. This is because it has been controversially discussed again and again and has not yet been answered conclusively. In general, however, a contract is made between the ghostwriter and the client in which the ghostwriter not only agrees to write the work, but also to renounce his copyright claims and assign them to the client. Anyone who still feels uncomfortable should realise that many professors also use their academic staff to write academic publications. In addition, ghostwriting doesn't simply mean that a complete bachelor's thesis is simply "created". Reputable ghostwriters are merely writing a high quality template that students can use at their own discretion. This means that the template has to be modified in order to be submitted as a bachelor's thesis at the respective university. It is therefore advisable to revise a bachelor's thesis that has been prepared as a model by the ghostwriter so that the work to be submitted later will be given a personal and individual touch.

The fact that clearly speaks against ghostwriting being illegal is also supported by the multitude of independent ghostwriters and companies that offer this service and have not been prosecuted for doing anything illegal. However, this large number of providers can also become a problem and make life difficult for both students and students. It's not so easy to find your way through this jungle and distinguish serious offers from dubious ones. Before students decide to hire a particular ghostwriter or company to write their bachelor's thesis, they should thoroughly clarify all the details in advance.

An important point that should be addressed, of course, is the price. This depends, among other things, on the scope of the bachelor's thesis and the period in which it is to be written. As a general rule, the more pages a bachelor's thesis encompasses and the shorter the timeframe in which it has to be written, the more expensive it will become. That's why students should never wait until the last minute if they are playing with the idea of having their bachelor's thesis written by a ghostwriter. But whether it's a last minute decision or not - if you want to hire a ghostwriter for your bachelor's thesis it's generally not an inexpensive matter, since the quality, the effort and the time a ghostwriter must dedicate to the work must be compensated accordingly.

What do you need to consider for a successful collaboration with your bachelor's thesis ghostwriter?

Before booking a ghostwriter, one should be realistic about the costs. Given the fact that many students have limited financial resources, reputable companies and ghostwriters also offer payment plans to make the endeavour manageable. Therefore, it's a matter to be takenseriously! Regarding the question of whether a particular agency or author offering the service of ghostwriting is also a serious offer, students should benefit from the fact that many providers already have testimonials from other customers on the Internet. In addition, a good ghostwriter or a good ghostwriting agency is characterized by the fact that they have different references.

However, there is one problem that a ghostwriter can't solve alone, and that is the choice of the subject for the bachelor's thesis. Students have figure this out for themselves. Once that's done, the next step is visiting the office of their favourite professor where they ask for support for their project. It's not enough if students merely verbally present their idea. Teachers expect an exposé on the subject of the bachelor's thesis and then decide whether or not to supervise them. Therefore, the exposé must really be convincing! In order to do so, students can also turn to a ghost writer. Whether it's an entire bachelor's thesis, an exposé or the actual structure of the work itself - good ghostwriters offer a wide range of services. This also includes editing and correcting the bachelor's thesis.

Have your bachelor's thesis corrected and/or proofread!

For ghostwriters to work successfully, they need a lot of information. The more comprehensive the information is, the more focused ghostwriters can proceed and the higher the sample template of the bachelor's thesis becomes. In addition, students should present their special requests and clarify the applicable academic guidelines that apply at their university with the ghostwriter. A ghostwriter can also be hired if a bachelor's thesis includes the evaluation of collected data or data collection itself. However, such a service costs accordingly. In order to ensure that students don't feel superfluous while their bachelor's thesis is being written, but rather that they are involved in the process, they can receive so-called partial deliveries from their ghostwriter. In this way, they can influence the writing process in good time and control the entire process so that the desired result is ultimately achieved.

The 6 quality criteria

Academic Qualification
When selecting our ghostwriters and academics we pay attention to the fact that these persons can have at least one university degree with a predicate transcripts and many years of experience in the writing of scientific papers. Every ghostwriter is an expert in his discipline and academic performance is regularly analyzed by us.
Communication and Transparency
To ensure a high level of quality, it is essential to enter into a regular dialogue between you and your ghostwriter. It is important to us that you as a customer always have the opportunity to talk to the ghostwriter. We also have cost transparency. There are no additional costs without your consent!
To ensure you are always convinced by the quality and quality of your work, you will receive regular intermediate deliveries, which you discuss with your ghostwriter. Change requests and feedback are automatically taken into account and implemented.
Each bachelor's thesis we have prepared is an academic unique and is analyzed by plagiarism software. We will send you the test report with your final paper.
Your bachelor's thesis will be read by an independent supervisor. Already at the beginning of the processing, the supervisor receives the intermediate delivery and always gives your ghostwriter content-related feedback.
Privacy and Discretion
We protect your privacy and any collaboration between you and the academic is treated absolutely discreetly. Your data and information will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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