After the bachelor’s thesis has been put down on paper, the work is far from over. The next step is the so-called fine-tuning of the bachelor’s thesis. This means that the work must be read and critically reviewed for various aspects. In addition to the content, the following questions are particularly important: Is the bachelor’s thesis generally readable? Does it live up to the level of good academic work? How is the expression and style structured? Is the grammar correct? Are spelling errors and logical errors avoided in the argumentation and structure?

This process is called “editing” and usually provided by an editor. Editors either work for an agency or self-employed and are English language experts. Editors scrutinise the linguistic-stylistic level of a text and eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. They also pay close attention as to whether the bachelor’s thesis is logically structured, the lines of argument are stringent and the text is coherent. Furthermore, it’s their task to examine the text for redundancies and filler words and to check whether the language level and the tense are consistent and the technical terms are used correctly. Similarly, an editor examines the text in terms of whether it is made up of clear, understandable and meaningful sentences.

Academic editing by a professional

Of course, simply supervising and improving the bachelor’s thesis is also an option. But sometimes it’s not so easy to review and edit your own academic work. For just when students have spent weeks studying a particular topic for their bachelor’s thesis, they lack the necessary objectivity about their own work. This is the basic prerequisite for being able to judge a work in an unbiased and fresh way. However, so-called operational blindness is not a rare or even unusual phenomenon. On the contrary, many students feel that it’s difficult to revise their own bachelor’s thesis, while on the other hand, correcting their fellow students’ assignments is often easy.

If, however, you find the review of your bachelor’s thesis by a friend or fellow student insufficient, you should turn to an editor and let a professional edit your bachelor’s thesis. This is especially true for those students who want to get a good grade for their bachelor’s thesis. Even if the content of a bachelor’s thesis proves convincing and meets the required academic standard, stylistic weaknesses, imprecise formulations and too many spelling mistakes can lead to point deductions. This often results in a worse grade that could have been avoided with the dedication of a professional editor.

There are now numerous companies and independent editors who offer this service. In addition to formal flaws, these professionals also scrutinise the form and content of a text. Spelling, expression, grammar, factual correctness and the correct use of terms – editors have a very good sense of language and are at comfortable with the English language. They help students formulate the bachelor’s thesis in a clear and comprehensible manner, provide them with an appropriate linguistic style and make it readable for potential readers. In addition, professional editing has the advantage that the argumentation of a bachelor’s thesis is reviewed with regard to its stringency. Editors also ensure that academic standards are adhered to. This applies above all to the citation method and the sources.

Find the right editor for your bachelor’s thesis

Submitting your bachelor’s thesis to such editing is an investment in your future. The prices for a editing are different from company to company and vary from editor to editor. Among other things, they depend on the number of words in the submitted bachelor’s thesis and how quickly it is to be proofread. While in some edits the price results from the number of words, others calculate a fixed price per page. Whatever the situation, there are suitable offers even for students who make a decision late in the process, and this includes bachelor’s thesis editing with a 24 hour turnaround.

In addition to reviewing one’s own financial situation, whoever wants to find a suitable offer should also draw on the experiences of other students. Based on the numerous testimonials and reviews that can now be found on the internet, students can gain a first impression on the quality and reliability of the respective editing and proofreading. Furthermore, students that are playing with the idea of hiring an editor should inform themselves in detail about the scope of the respective editing. The fact of the matter is, offers vary widely from edit to edit. For example, some companies offer a review of the formal requirements, but others do not. Also, some editors can review and perform copy-editing for optimisation of the layout and the formatting of the respective bachelor’s thesis, while others may not. In order to explore the market successfully and find out what services an edit offers and how expensive they are, something else is extremely important. Students should be aware of their own weaknesses in order to determine what the correct edit is for their own situation. A thorough approach will always prove beneficial when it comes to getting a good grade for your bachelor’s thesis!