Somehow everything always sounds so easy in theory. This also applies to bachelor’s theses. All of them have one introduction, a major (body) part and a conclusion. In addition, all must meet formal requirements. The sources must be correct and also the citation style must meet the level of academic work. Furthermore, you still have to add a title page and a reasonable outline. And so on, and so on. But when theory is put into practice, many students find they have reached their limits. Because somehow it really doesn’t do any good to simply revisit things again and again in theory. It takes some practice and experience to be successful in a particular area. However, experience is not something that every student can boast in having. For many, the bachelor’s thesis is the first major academic work. And because that is the case, of course, the question arises as to what students can do to master this time successfully and to deliver a successful bachelor’s thesis.

Comparing bachelor’s thesis templates and examples

First of all, it helps when students realise that they are not alone in the experience of writing a thesis. After all, many bachelor’s theses have been written and many are still being written. So why not take advantage of the knowledge of those who have already gone through this experience? Approaching and familiarising yourself with the new task – that should be a guiding principle! Conversations with other students who have already been through it all can help. Even more helpful, however, is dealing first-hand, intensively and directly with a wide range ofbachelor theses. Such examples help students to familiarise themselves with the topic of bachelor’s thesis and to clarify the most important questions in advance. What have other students written about in their bachelor’s theses? How were they structured? What methods did they use? How do you put forward a strong argument? Which citation methods should you use? Students can find answers to these questions and many more in an analysis of various examples. In this way, you not only develop a feel for the work on a bachelor’s thesis, but are also inspired by different examples.

That’s all fine, but where are these examples to be found? On the one hand, friends are always a good place to start. On the other hand there are examples of good bachelor’s theses in the libraries of colleges and universities. In addition, you can also search comfortably from home for successful examples on the internet. Regardless of where you find individual examples, when you review them, one thing becomes clear: bachelor’s theses are not all the same! There is not one right way to write a bachelor’s thesis, but there are certain content and formal criteria that must be taken into account. These include the following: A bachelor’s thesis can be logically broken down. It is characterised by a stringent line of reasoning. It is formulated with certainty in terms of language and style. It corresponds to the given scope. It complies with academic standards and consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. Although certain requirements must be strictly adhered to in bachelor’s theses, it is still up to the individual to consider what is included in these contents. However, despite a personal touch, a bachelor’s thesis remains an academic assignment that addresses a scientific topic and must comply with academic standards. Successful examples of bachelor’s theses skilfully combine the scientific level with individual considerations.

Bachelor’s theses in your department

Of course, the design of a bachelor’s thesis also depends on the subject area and topic. Thus it does not make much sense for a literary scholar to find inspiration in a bachelor’s thesis written in the field of engineering. This is certainly not harmful to general education, but it is important to know the standards that apply in one’s own field of study and to refer to corresponding examples. For example, the geography department often uses a different citation method than philosophy and German studies do. The collection and analysis of data also plays a role in the natural sciences rather than in the humanities. If creating a bachelor’s thesis is involved, the work takes on a different structure, as can be seen in the many variations that have emerged. In dealing with these matters, students are well advised to consider using a ghostwriter when writing their bachelor’s thesis. For though they may hire a pro to write their bachelor’s thesis, they still have to give him or her a concrete idea of what exactly it is they want to accomplish.

In summary, it can therefore be said that reviewing various examples is a first step in familiarising oneself with the overall bachelor’s thesis concept . After all, examples provide students the opportunity to obtain an overview and inform themselves about what is possible. How is a bachelor’s thesis structured? How have other students proceeded? How can one best develop a good reasoning structure? Which form is most suitable for which topic? Is there anything else to consider? Templates and examples can provide answers to these questions and also reveal that every bachelor’s thesis depends on the individual mind of the author, who, however, must adhere to academic standards.